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SPEECH & What Archive? 'Melbourne Flottante'

Speech and What Archive? Melbourne Flottante
Speech and What Archive? began on a floating house on a river in Chatou at the invitation of A Constructed World.
Melbourne Flottante, we continue to consider what is kept and why it is kept, how things may be mapped, traced or stored, the possible shape and content of an archive, who may speak and what is kept unsaid, and generally what is privileged in culture so that it is available to the future.
The exhibition is composed of a presentation element, where objects that in some way act as archives will be exhibited at Y3K, and archive development, where the curators will work on methodologies of archiving and re-presentation for the duration of the show.

Speech and What Archive? Melbourne Flottante is curated by Marie Gaultier and Anna Hess (Paris) and Liv Barrett and James Deutsher (Melbourne) with the support and counsel of A Constructed World.

Speech and What Archive is a project of A Constructed World. This project was made possible with funding and support from Vision Forum and Linköping University; CNEAI, Chatou; Social Practice MFA Program, CCA, San Francisco; and Villa Arson, Nice.

Two events on Saturday 17 April from 4:30 to 6 at Y3K (205 Young St. Fitzroy)
Paris Flottante

In September 2009, the first workshop of Speech & What Archive was organised on La Maison Flottante in Chatou, France. Geoff Lowe introduced it with a lecture. Liv Barrett & Marie Gautier will try to re-give this lecture by mind.

Speech & What Archive? Speaking Event
As a work of civic collection, at a time when our future is being destroyed, ACW and the curators of Melbourne Flottante would like to invite you to participate in a Speaking Event in the Melbourne room.
You are invited to present any avowal around this subject of Speech and What Archive - what-can-we-say, what-will-we-keep in a short text, speech, performance, song, action or reading of up to 5 minutes.
Your presentation does not necessarily have to address contemporary art, it can be about the environment, garbage, media, politics, whatever-you-want. At a time when artists pay-to-say-what-they-want we offer this free platform.
Documentation of the event will be shown during a similar public event, Explaining contemporary art to live eels #6, for the closing of the exhibition Double Bind at Villa Arson, 29 and 30 May . On the last day of this weekend ACW's eels will be the released back into the Pallion river in Nice.
Some people including Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples, Lizzy Newman Jon Campbell, Jarrod Rawlins, Keith Al-Hasani, Ruby Lowe and Justin Clemens have already confirmed their participation but feel free to come and speak as well.